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...because more than a story goes into a book. 

Our mission is to provide self-publishing authors all the professional tools of a traditional publishing house. We offer cover design, interior design, distribution and marketing. Finding your way around the  world of publishing requires expert navigation. We’ll co-pilot every exciting step along the way.




Cover Design and Title Development

Despite the adage that you can't judge a book by it's cover, the truth is that your buyers will - and not just the cover; appearances matter. While it's true that the cover of a book may not convey the wonderful tale between its bindings, it's also true that lazy design, over used templates, and a lack of marketing development and analysis in title selection can keep your book from ever reaching readers.


Minor typos and small grammar errors cause credibility to crumble, bigtime. Under-developed stories and problems with style can zap out of a book its most important element—your voice.

Our editors lean in and dive deep. Our proofreaders ensure perfection.



Formatting, Layout Design, and Typesetting

Front matter can be complex. Margin's and page composition can be confusing. Type-face selection should be carefully considered for the genre. Type-setting is more than inserting paragraph, and page breaks into a word processor and clicking the justify. 


Formatting a chapter book is a job. A job best handled by an individual (not a template).


Don't let your story go unread. Translate your book into Spanish with Into a Book inc. today to reach the millions of Spanish-speaking families in the U.S. and worldwide.


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